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Small Apartment Storage Magic Code: Use of Space Storage Surgery BOK-372

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"Small apartment storage magic code: the use of space to accept the operation" by the famous 
Japanese life publishing house - housewife and life club selected 2014-2015 collection of books 
for the collection of fine, for the 352 senior people up to the results of research 200 
A magic deposit finishing surgery thoroughly open! "Small apartment storage magic code: use of space 
storage surgery" Do you feel your home is not small, but things are always no place to put it? 
In addition to explaining the basic storage techniques, the book also collects 
the storage of 11 people, introduces the common troubles and difficulties of the family, 
and gives suggestions for these problems. If you can not find a suitable storage tool, you can 
refer to the book introduced IKEA and MUJI and other brands of storage tools. 
The book also to a few more messy home, for example, through the collection of skills before and after 
the admission of different effects, can provide a very meaningful reference for your life.


 Language  Chinese
 Translated From / Publish origin  Japanese
 Skill Level
 Technique  Decorating/ Organizing
 Diagram / Written Instructions  n/a
 Estimated Weight  n/a
 Number of pages  96

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