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Fluffy FL 40-45g RM7

Fluffy yarn -ᅠsoft and fluffyᅠsuitable for babies. Finish your projects faster and quick with suggested needle of 8mm to 10mm. Great for quick projects or sudden gift ideas for your loved ones.ᅠ

Recommended projects - scarf, shawl, vest, cardigan, sweater, hat, amigurumi, bag, blanket, and many more. Greatᅠfor colder weather or in air-conditioned area. Keeps you warm.ᅠ

** 1.5ᅠballs is enough to make a vest for 2-3 years old.ᅠ

** The yarnᅠmayᅠnotᅠbe suitable for beginners because of the difficulty to see the stitches that has been done.
** Tips: Always remember how many stitches you make at first row so that you will not make mistake.


 Type  Fluffy (FL)
 Fiber Content  100% Polyester
 Weight Group  6, Super Bulky, Super Chunky, 14 Ply
 Weight  40gm - 45gm
 Estimated Length  37m - 42m
 Needle Length  8mm - 10mm / US11 - US15
 Wraps Per Inch (WPI)  4 - 5 wpi
 Washing Instructions  Hand wash at 30'C, lay flat to dry



The red vest on the last picture :

A quick to finish toddler vest for 2-3 years old size. Just a few hours to finish it. I used only 1.5 balls of Fluffy yarn to make it, using an 8mm knitting needle
Pattern is just plain simple stockinette. 

**Tips: Make a bigger size vest for 5-6 years old using 2 balls of yarn with a 9mm knitting needle.

Fluffy FL 40-45g RM7

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