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Fluffy yarn

Fluffy yarn

Fluffy Yarn

Get fluffy yarn at our online store. This yarn is suitable for intermediate to advance levels of knitters and crocheters. 

Projects suitable with this yarn are baby blanket, sweater, shoes, shawl, and scarf. The results are superb and fluffy to the touch. But, be wary as this yarn is not suitable for warm weather. If you insist on using this yarn, on air conditioned or slightly cold area in Malaysia (Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands or on top of mountains) it might be comfortable. 

If you are unsure of the pattern for this yarn type, we have books to recommend. But, you need to know how to read diagram to do the projects in the books. 

We have two books that features the usage of this Fluffy yarn, that are BOK-278 and BOK-279. You can directly purchase these books at these links 

BOK-279  suitable for 0-3 years old

BOK-278 - suitable for 3-6 years old

You can browse for the book descriptions under the link provided above.